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9 Fun Day Hikes In Prescott, AZ

Area Day Hikes for All Ages

As someone who enjoys being outdoors, here are some of my favorite day hiking trails around Prescott that cater to the needs and preferences of hikers of all abilities.

Nestled in the stunning landscapes of the Bradshaw Mountains just 90 minutes north of Phoenix, Prescott, Arizona offers an abundance of hiking trails suitable for hikers of all ages. The area provides a unique opportunity to connect with nature while enjoying a safe and comfortable hiking experience. With its mild climate, diverse terrain, and breathtaking vistas, Prescott is an ideal destination for recreationalists looking to explore the great outdoors.

1. Watson Lake Loop Trail

The Watson Lake Loop Trail is mostly a leisurely 5.2-mile hike that winds its way around picturesque Watson Lake. This trail is perfect for those seeking a peaceful and relatively flat hiking experience, although the trail on the north part of the lake is rocky so use caution. The terrain is relatively easy to navigate, with well-maintained paths and benches along the way, allowing hikers to rest and take in the stunning views of the lake and surrounding rock formations. Birdwatching is a common pastime on this trail, as the lake attracts a variety of waterfowl and other wildlife, as well as paddleboaters and kayakers.

2. Peavine National Recreation Trail

Peavine Trail, formerly a railway line, is a gentle 11.9-mile path that provides hikers with a chance to immerse themselves in the scenic beauty of Prescott. The trail offers wide, level terrain with few inclines, making it suitable for hikers of all abilities. As you walk along this trail, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the Granite Dells, Prescott Valley, and the San Francisco Peaks in the distance. For added convenience, the Peavine Trail is also pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry friends on a leash along for the adventure.

3. Lynx Lake Loop Trail

Lynx Lake Loop Trail is a 2.6-mile loop located just a short drive from downtown Prescott. This trail circles the serene Lynx Lake and is known for its tranquility and accessibility. Hikers will appreciate the level terrain, well-marked paths, and multiple benches situated around the lake for resting and enjoying the peaceful surroundings. Fishing is popular at Lynx Lake, so you can bring your fishing gear or simply watch others cast their lines while you hike.

4. Goldwater Lake Trail

Goldwater Lake Trail is a 9.1-mile loop that encircles the scenic Goldwater Lake, providing hikers with a delightful hiking experience. The well-maintained trail offers a mix of shaded and open sections, making it perfect for enjoying Prescott’s pleasant weather. As you stroll along the lake, you’ll encounter a variety of bird species and may even spot deer or other wildlife. Several picnic areas along the trail offer opportunities for a relaxing outdoor meal. Goldwater is also a favorite spot for local youth and adult trout anglers.

5. Thumb Butte Trail

For hikers seeking a slightly more challenging hike with rewarding vistas, the Thumb Butte Trail is an excellent choice. This 2.2-mile loop ascends gently to the summit of Thumb Butte, offering panoramic views of Prescott and the surrounding area. While the trail has some elevation gain, the well-maintained paved and unpaved trail provides ample opportunities to rest and enjoy the scenery. The experience of reaching the summit and taking in the breathtaking views is well worth the effort.

6. Constellation Trails

Constellation Trails is a network of interconnecting trails located on the outskirts of Prescott. These trails offer a range of options, from easy walks to more moderate hikes, allowing hikers to choose their preferred level of challenge. The stunning rock formations, diverse flora, and serene ambiance make Constellation Trails an excellent choice for nature enthusiasts. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the unique geological features that dot the landscape.

7. Granite Gardens Loop Trail

The Granite Gardens Loop Trail is a 1.0-mile loop nestled in the Granite Dells, just minutes from downtown Prescott. This relatively short trail is perfect for hikers looking for a quick nature escape. The unique rock formations and the tranquil setting make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Keep an eye out for the abundant plant and animal life that thrives in this rugged terrain.

8. Groom Creek Loop Trail

The Groom Creek Loop Trail, located south of Prescott in the Prescott National Forest, is an 8.7-mile trail that climbs to the top of Spruce Mountain. While it has some moderate elevation changes, the wide and well-maintained path offers a more extended hiking experience. Hikers can enjoy the shade of towering pine trees and the refreshing scent of the forest as they explore this beautiful area. Numerous benches along the trail provide opportunities for rest and reflection.

9. Wolf Creek Falls (Frog Falls)

Wolf Creek Falls is a popular hiking destination near Prescott, especially during the spring and early summer when the water flow is at its peak. The scenic, 5.5-mile trail is located south of town in the Prescott National Forest. The trailhead is accessible from the Wolf Creek Campground. With some steep and rocky sections, hikers can expect to enjoy the lush greenery and diverse plant life along the trail. The highlight, of course, is the waterfall, which is most impressive in the spring when the snowmelt and rain combine to create a beautiful cascade. The area around the falls is often cool and shaded, making it a pleasant place to relax.

Enjoy All That Prescott Has to Offer

The Prescott area offers a wealth of hiking opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the natural beauty of the region while maintaining their comfort and safety. Whether you prefer leisurely strolls around lakes, easy-going loops through the forest, or more challenging ascents for panoramic views, Prescott has a trail to suit your preferences and abilities. So, lace up your hiking boots, grab your walking stick, and explore the scenic wonders of Prescott’s hiking trails—it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

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