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How a Custom Fitted Splint Can Help You

Are you living with pain in your elbow, wrist, hand or finger making it difficult to get through the day? Custom splints can make daily tasks much more comfortable and easier to achieve. This is why we at Restored Hope Hand Therapy offer custom splints.

Custom Splints vs Pre-Fabricated Splints

There are essentially two types of splints: pre-fabricated (store bought) and custom. A pre-fabricated splint is one made to be used for general injuries/problems and usually comes in a small, medium, or large size. A pre-fabricated splint can be very helpful but is not always the right size, or does not come in the proper position for certain problems. More often, a custom splint is the better option. A custom splint is made to fit just you. It is made from a low-temperature thermoplastic and formed right in the clinic. It can be adjusted for swelling and remolded as you heal to protect the injured area. Ligament injuries often require custom splinting to heal properly. Your therapist at Restored Hope Hand Therapy can help determine the best splint for your needs.

Sometimes a splint has been applied and the injury starts to feel better. We are often asked the question: How long should I wear the splint? It depends on the type and severity of injury. Bone, tendon, ligament, and muscle all heal at different rates. It is the therapist’s job to assess the different tissues involved in an injury or surgery, and prescribe the correct length of splinting. Removing a splint too early can cause re-injury. Wearing a splint too long can cause stiffness, weakness, and even a worsening of pain. A consultation with a therapist can help clarify the injury and how long a splint should be worn.

Benefits of Custom Splints:

Difference Between A Splint & A Brace

Essentially, there is no difference between a splint and a brace; the words are used interchangeably. Sometimes a splint is also called an orthosis. A splint or brace is a device used to hold a body part still after an injury or surgery. There are many different types of splints and and your therapist and doctor will determine the one that is most appropriate for your injury.

Expert-Level Care

At Restored Hope Hand Therapy, we are highly knowledgeable in the technical skills of custom fabricated splints. Splints are designed to protect and immobilize a bone or joint and assist in regaining range of motion of a joint. Your therapist will fabricate a custom splint quickly, that is easy to apply. We offer:

  • Static splints to immobilize, protect, and rest a joint.
  • Dynamic splints designed to increase passive range of motion, augment active range of motion, or substitute for loss of range of motion.
  • Serial splints undergo repeated remodeling to guide progressive increases in range of motion.

Not all splints are the same, and having an expert guide you to the correct splint is essential. Thus, how well a splint is designed and fitted will provide the needed support for you. The experts at Restored Hope Hand Therapy can recommend and properly fit a brace that will work for you and your budget.

If you have questions about splinting for the elbow, wrist, hand or finger, request an appointment at Restored Hope Hand Therapy for an evaluation.

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